How do I take CBD?

Most CBD medications are taken orally. The most effective way is to place the drops under the tongue and let them work for about 60 seconds before swallowing. Creams and ointments applied topically and smoking and vaporizing CBD flowers have also been found to be effective.

Does CBD cause hallucinations?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and one of the many valuable substances in the cannabis plant. Due to its properties, it does not cause perceptual changes. However, this does not mean that CBD has no neurological effect. The interaction between the supplied substance and the body's own endocannabinoid system works in a unique way. Numerous studies have currently made this topic a subject of research.

Can cannabis cause allergic reactions?

As with other plant pollens, cannabis pollen can cause allergic reactions in rare cases. Science has not yet produced any substantiated results regarding allergic reactions caused by cannabis. If in doubt, we always recommend that you consult a doctor and get tested for any allergies.

Does cannabis have medicinal Benefits?

Historically, cannabis has been known as a comprehensive remedy. Currently, more and more clinical studies prove the effectiveness of cannabis and its substances in various areas. Millions of people are already using it.

Where to put the empty vials?

We take the vials back. However, for the time being at our own expense and without a deposit system. Justcontactus at .

Is CBD natural?

Yes, all of our products are plant-based. Natural CBD differs from synthetic CBD in quality and potency.

Will CBDshow upin drugtests ?

The high quality Grünkraft CBD products with minimal THC content will most likely not trigger a positive drug test.

Can I drive after taking CBD?

Since each country has set individual limits in this regard, this question cannot be answered in general. In case of doubt, we recommend asking your local authorities.

How much CBD oil should I take? Can I take it several times a day?

The FSA considers a dose of 70mg of CBD (cannabidiol) per day to be perfectly safe. This is equivalent to 28 drops of a 5% CBD oil.

Can children also take CBD oil?

The intake is generally only recommended for adults.

Can I use CBD oil as a facial oil?

CBD oil that is not specifically designed for external use should not be used on the face as a precaution.